The Ovako Media Bank Terms of Use are binding on all users. Any person, company or organisation using an image from the Ovako Media Bank must comply with the Terms of Use Full Terms of Use.

Users of media items must download the items themselves and must on each occasion accept Ovako’s Terms of Use. All media items have a designated time period in which they may be used that must be followed and respected. All media items also have a symbol that indicates how they may be used (internally or externally). Media items must not be transferred to any third party. If downloaded media items are used more than once, they must be downloaded at each use since new Terms of Use may be attached to the media items.

Media items must not be modified or digitally manipulated in any way other than to adjust size, crop, or make minor adjustments to colour attributes in order to optimise them for print production. Any use of media items from Ovako’s Media Bank requires a credit to the creator of the media item with a by-line or equivalent, if provided.

Use of media items constitutes your agreement to the Terms of Use.

ID titel artnr filtyp storlek
  • Ovako_Slagg 1.tif
  • Slag
  • Ovako_Slag 2.tif
  • Slag